Injector – Metallic or Solid Plastic Venturi Injector

CP Pumpen offers customised, seal-less injectors that work according to the Venturi principle. Outstanding quality and proven design guarantee safety and energy efficiency.


Functions & applications

  • Ingeniously simple pump concept (jet pump) without any moving wearing parts: for pumping liquid or gas.
  • Optimal as a sump pump for unloading tanks with hazardous or flammable liquids from containers with no outlet on the tank floor.
  • Ideal for mixing inside a container.
  • Can be combined with the CP MKTP sump pump as a tank unloading system: for unloading larger containers.


  • Driven by a jet of motive fluid from a feed pump.
  • Large choice of materials consisting of rust-free, high-alloyed stainless steels, nickel and nickel-base alloys, other special alloys and plastics.
  • Can be adapted to the relevant pumping task by means of individual construction. Send us an inquiry.

Technical data

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Capacities Arrow Black

SI: 200 m³/h
US: 880.6 gpm

Heads Arrow Black

SI: 20m
US: 65.6 ft

Pressure rating Arrow Black

PN 16

Temperatures Arrow Black

SI: -20 to +150°C
US: -4° to +302°F

Technical Drawing

Sectional drawing

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