MKP Bio – Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Biotech Process Pump

Discover the benefits of the MKP Bio produced by CP here – the CIP pump for sterile processes in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Because the MKP-Bio has no shaft seal, micro-organisms are prevented from penetrating the pump. The torque is transmitted via a magnetic coupling, which is designed according to the inverted drive principle. Thanks to its special design, the MKP-Bio does not need a plain bearing carrier. The one-part, centrally arranged impeller bearing system is optimally flushed and cooled by the pumped fluid. The pump thereby achieves outstanding running properties. The impeller rotates steadily around a stationary axle according to the gyroscope principle and is hydraulically optimally balanced. Only slight bearing forces act on it, which increases its operating safety.


Special features

  • 100 % drainable (no flushing, drain or ventilation connections
  • 100 % cleanable (CIP)
  • 100 % sterilisable (SIP)
  • Self-venting
  • Parts in contact with medium: Surface quality Ra ≤ 0.8, inside edges R3, surfaces inclined > 3°


  • Compact & free of dead space
  • No shaft feedthrough & leak-free
  • Single-part & central bearing
  • Vertical installationno shaft seal (=no penetration by micro-organisms)
  • No plain bearing carrier
  • Single-part, centrally arranged impeller bearing with optimal cooling and flushing (=optimal running properties)
  • Low bearing forces due to hydraulically balanced impeller
  • High material flexibility
  • Inverted drive principle
  • Single-stage centrifugal pump

Assembly & repair

  • Modular system made up of few individual parts
  • Assembly friendly
  • Impeller can be removed without tools

Technical data

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Capacities Arrow Black

SI: 0.5 to 60 m³/h
US: 2.2 to 264.2 gpm

Heads Arrow Black

SI: 5 to 80 m
US: 16.4 to 262.4 ft

Pressure rating Arrow Black

PN 16

Temperatures Arrow Black

SI: -20 to +150°C
US: -4 to +302°F

Kinematic viscosities Arrow Black

SI: 0.5 to 350 mm²/s
US: 0.5 to 350 cSt

Solid handlings Arrow Black

After technical clarification

Casing Materials Arrow Black

Stainless steel 1.4404/1.4435 (316L)
Stainless steel (e.g. 1.4306, Uranus® B6)
Nickel-base alloys (e.g. Hastelloy® C-4, C-22)

Working Principle Arrow Black

Radial flow pump

Priming Method Arrow Black

Flooded suction

Sealing System Arrow Black

Magnetic coupling

Configuration types Arrow Black

CP standard: Close-coupled (SI: -20 to +150 °C/ US: -4 to +302°F)

Directives Arrow Black

EC Machinery Directive
EC ATEC Directive
Hygiene standards 3-A
FDA 21 CFR §177
USP Class VI

Standards Arrow Black

DIN EN ISO 12462
DIN EN ISO 15783

Casing Arrow Black

Connection flanges
DIN 11864
DIN 11850
EN 1092-1
ASME BPE (Tri-Clamp)

Additional connections
Lantern monitoring connection

Gasket materials

Bearing Assembly Arrow Black

SSiC (sintered silicon carbide) with diamond-like coating (ADLC)
Nickel-bound tungsten carbide with diamond-like coating(ADLC)
Anti-friction bearings made of Si3N4 (silicon nitride) ceramic

Containment Shell Arrow Black

Hastelloy® C-4
Hastelloy® C-22

Pump Protection Arrow Black

Containment shell thermocouple
Engine load sensor

Mounts Arrow Black

Tripod with sprung, vibration-damping legs and ball feet
Angle stand

Angle stand materials
Stainless steel